Transformers fans are waiting with anticipation for Michael Bay to announce details about the sequel to this year’s big movie. They might have to wait a little longer, however, if Bay is actually going to be involved with Transformers 2 because it looks like the director has his eyes on another date: December 21st, 2012.

For those who don’t pay attention to critical prophesies, that’s the date Nostradamus predicted as the beginning of the End of Days. It’s also a central part of 2012: The War for the Souls, a novel by Whitley Strieber that the author says is of interest to Michael Bay. How much interest? Well, according to SciFi Wire, Bay’s company purchased the rights to adapt the movie to film, although it’s unknown whether Bay himself will be behind the adaptation.

The book wouldn’t be the first adaptation for Strieber. His novels The Hunger and Communion have been made into movies, and he was also behind the inspiration for The Day After Tomorrow, although I wouldn’t admit that too loudly if I was him. In fact, 2012: The War for the Souls is considered a sequel to another Strieber’s novel The Greys which is currently in production by Wolfgang Peterson, although the author himself doesn’t describe it that way – especially since the books don’t share any characters.

Warner Brothers currently has the adaptation of 2012 on their schedule for summer 2008. With the pending strike, it seems to me that Bay would be more likely to work on this than a Transformers sequel right now, although that’s just speculation as of right now.

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