Naomie Harris Is The Next Bond Girl, Offered Bond 23

By Josh Tyler 2011-06-06 13:14:28discussion comments
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Naomie Harris Is The Next Bond Girl, Offered Bond 23 image
Hey remember when Naomie Harris was going to be a big deal? Yeah me neither but I think it was back in 2002, or something. She was in 28 Days Later, and pretty good in that. Sheís worked steadily since then, but unless you count her cameo in one of those Pirates movies she hasnít been in much youíve ever heard of. Now though, she might show up in a Bond movie.

A rumor first circulated by British tabloid News of the World and later confirmed by Shadow and Act says Harris has been offered a role in James Bond 23. I guess that makes her the next Bond girl, though sheís being described as ďDaniel Craigís sexy sidekickĒ. Sidekick with benefits? This is James Bond, after all.

The thing is, there hasnít really been much actual progress on getting Bond 23 made. The movie was stalled for awhile after MGMís financial troubles, though more recently itís seemed to have gotten back on track. Itís in pre-production and it even has a November 9, 2012 release date. If theyíre actually making offers to Bond girls, take that as another positive sign that this thing is really happening at last.

As for Naomie HarrisÖ she doesnít exactly seem like the traditional sexpot Bond girl type. Itíll be interesting to see how this plays out, but donít be surprised if they also cast a Halle Berry or Denise Richards typed actress to fill the hot chick role, even if Harris is in the film. Itís not that she isnít pretty, I just donít see potential Bond bedmate as her type.
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