Natalie Portman Could Be Lois Lane

By Josh Tyler 2010-09-28 01:23:05discussion comments
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Natalie Portman Could Be Lois Lane image
Work on a Superman reboot is currently underway at Warner Bros, and while producer Christopher Nolan is still looking for a director, they're also thinking casting. In particular they have someone in mind for Lois Lane: Natalie Portman.

Apparently Warner Bros. wanted her for the part back when they were making Superman Returns but couldnít get her and eventually went with Kate Bosworth instead. Iím an unabashed fan of Superman Returns and while I canít imagine anyone other than Brandon Routh playing the character of Supes, yeah, we can live without Bosworth. She never really captured the spitfire, take no prisoners style of Lois. Thatís something that Portman can bring in spades.

The rumor of her possible involvement comes from the generally reliable reporters at Moviehole where they say the can get her for the part, but only if Darren Aronofsky ends up directing the film. Portman has been getting rave reviews for her role in the upcoming Aronofsky film Black Swan so it makes sense that sheíd be willing to follow Aronofsky wherever he goes and that Aronofsky might want to bring her with him. Unfortunately Darrenís name is just one of several on the list of directors being considered to direct Superman: If At First You Donít Succeed. No Aronofsky, no Natalie Portman as Lois Lane.
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