Nathan Lane Joins Moore And Kinnear In The English Teacher

By Kelly West 2011-09-15 08:58:28discussion comments
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Nathan Lane Joins Moore And Kinnear In The English Teacher image
A man with as much talent as Nathan Lane really canít be expected to confine his gifts to just one medium. Between his stage work and projects on the big and small screen, itís a wonder he has time to breath! Recently, news broke that the Birdcage star would be starring in a comedy pilot greenlit by USA. Now, in addition to On We Go, heís set to join Julianne Moore and Greg Kinnear in the film The English Teacher.

Directed by Weedsí Craig Zisk, English Teacher stars Moore as Linda Sinclair, a high school English teacher. Lane plays a drama teacher who, according to Variety is enlisted to help Linda with a play.

Thereís an interesting plot connection between this comedy and Laneís USA pilot. In The English Teacher, Mooreís character Lindaís ďlife is upendedĒ when a former student returns home after his his attempts to make it it as a playwright in the Big Apple fail miserably. While Lane isnít playing the former student in The English Teacher, he is playing a Broadway hopeful in On We Go, the pilot USA is eying to join its comedy line-up, and apparently, Lane's character in the show will be putting his dreams of making it on Broadway on hold to return home to help his father.

Playing the part of a drama teacher is hardly a stretch for Lane. Heís certainly no stranger to theater. Among his achievements are two Tony awards, one of which was for his starring role in The Producers. In addition to The English Teacher and On We Go, heís also set to return to the stage in Chicago for The Iceman Cometh next year. Between all of that (not to mention Snow White), heís kind of everywhere, and given his talent, thatís definitely a good thing.
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