Neil Burger Will Direct Uncharted, Restart The Fillion For Drake Campaign

By Josh Tyler 2011-07-07 13:06:31discussion comments
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Neil Burger Will Direct Uncharted, Restart The Fillion For Drake Campaign image
Originally set to be helmed by David O. Russell, Uncharted now has a new director. Weíve learned that Columbia Pictures has hired Neil Burger to adapt their videogame to movie adaptation.

The film is based on Sonyís popular action-adventure game Uncharted: Drakeís Fortune. Itís a property which fans have very specific ideas about, particularly when it comes to casting the movie versionís male lead. The Uncharted faithful overwhelmingly want Nathan Fillion in the lead role, heís a dead ringer for pretty much everything the movieís lead character should be. Unfortunately David O. Russell went a different, controversial direction during his tenure at the head of the project, hiring Mark Wahlberg to play the movieís leading man. Fans responded by breaking out in open revolt.

Now that Burgerís in charge, thereís a chance that Columbia may have hired someone who gets it. Itís unclear whether Wahlberg remains attached, but if Burger isnít saddled with him, now might be a good time for Uncharted fans to restart the Nathan Fillion for Nathan Drake campaign which Russell so callously ignored.

Burger is coming off the modest success of Limitless, the Bradley Cooper sci-fi thriller which most dismissed as style over substance. Actually thatís something which has plagued Burger throughout his career. To date his most successful work was probably on the 2006 movie The Illusionist. He doesnít exactly have the track record of David O. Russell but that might also make him more willing to pay attention to the fans Russell ignored.
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