Nerverackers In Trouble: Another Rodriguez Vapor Project Vanishes

By Josh Tyler 2009-08-11 23:32:11discussion comments
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Nerverackers In Trouble: Another Rodriguez Vapor Project Vanishes image
Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again: Donít listen to Robert Rodriguez. The brilliant Austinite director is notorious for his ability to shoot movies quickly, but heís even better and promising to shoot them. Or maybe heís just so fast that he shoots them before they can actually exist, and so theyíre lost in some sort of space time void. For instance at last yearís Comic Con he promised he was making a Red Sonja movie, handed out kickass t-shirts for it and everything. Now youíll never hear that movie mentioned again. And at this yearís SXSW he promised he was making an awesome sounding science fiction movie called Nerverackers. Well, at least he didnít hand out t-shirts. Expect never to hear that name again either.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that the filmís distributor, Dimension Films, has dropped it from their release calendar. If itís still happening, itís definitely not happening any time soon. Rodriguez is currently shooting Machete in Austin and after that heís supposed to produce a Predator reboot and then after that thereís another half-dozen or so films heís promised which heíll almost certainly never get to.

Itís sort of a shame. Much as I love the Predator franchise Iíd prefer to see Rodriguez doing something original like Nerverackers than joining in the Hollywood humpfest of endless sequels and reboots. Iím not saying his take on Predator wonít be good, hell I think itís going to be awesome, but with so few directors bothering with original material anymore, well itís a shame to see Robert fall into the endless remake recycling bin when he had original ideas he could have done instead.

Nerverackers is (or was about to be) a futuristic thriller set in the year 2085, where a man named Joe Tezca lives in a supposedly perfect society and has to quell crimes to manage to happen there.
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