New Cars 2 Images Show Where Finn McMissile Got His Name

By Josh Tyler 2010-11-18 15:30:19discussion comments
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New Cars 2 Images Show Where Finn McMissile Got His Name image
Nearly lost in a week of big trailer debuts, Disney unveiled the first full trailer for Cars 2 this week. Itís a lot of fun and if you havenít seen it yet, click here to watch. Theyíve made a good decision here and taken things in pretty much the opposite direction of the first film.

In the original Cars a big city race car had to deal with dusty, small town life. In the sequel, Lightning McQueen and Mater end up in Tokyo, embroiled in some sort of spy mystery. Mater the small town tow truck is stuck dealing with glitzy, glamorous, big city life.

We have half a dozen new images from Cars 2 for you, including an up close and personal look at Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine) illustrating where he got his name, and a long look at Holly Shiftwell, voiced by Emily Mortimer. Click on one of the sample images below to hit our full high-res Cars 2 gallery in the Blend Film Database.

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