New Character Posters Show Us The Dark Side Of The Sorcerer's Apprentice

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-06-08 14:43:28discussion comments
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Talk about a good week of posters. First we showed you that Vertigo-esque Buried poster, then this awesome rendering for Carnies followed by an intensely effective infrared image for Predators. Now we bring you two new character posters for The Sorcererís Apprentice via IMP Awards. Like the very first poster featuring Nicolas Cageís character, Balthazar Blake, both of these appear to be digitally generated paintings.

The first depicts Alfred Molinaís character, Maxim Horvath. Along with Balthazar and a lady named Veronica, Horvath was once a disciple of Merlin. The problem is, both guys had feelings for Veronica, resulting in a major falling out and a longtime rivalry. Horvath teamed up with the evil Morgana and is the leader of her loyal followers, the Morganians, one of which is the wizard, Sun Lok (Gregory Woo). Remember that creepy guy in the trailer Balthazar advises Dave (Jay Baruchel) to run from? Thatís Sun Lok.

Minus those silly title plates at the top of the images, these posters are spot on!

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