New Crank 2 Pics: Behold The Mullet Of Corey Haim

By Josh Tyler 2009-04-08 14:39:47discussion comments
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I had no idea Corey Haim was even in Crank: High Voltage, but there he is, staring back at me from beneath modern cinemaís worst mullet. Thatís not really his hair is it? Granted I havenít really seen Haim in awhile but Iíd assumed someone would have told him by now that itís no longer 1985. No?

Well weíve got a big bunch of awesome, heart-pumping, machete wielding, electrifying new Crank: High Voltage to go along with Haimís mullet glamour shot. Iíve dropped just a sampling beow. Browse through the whole bunch by heading over to our image gallery or clicking on the Haimsters hair below.

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