New Dylan Dog Poster Sends Zombies High-Stepping Into Hell

By Josh Tyler 2011-03-17 13:19:47discussion comments
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New Dylan Dog Poster Sends Zombies High-Stepping Into Hell image
Hereís the new poster for Dylan Dog, a movie Iím rooting for mostly because Brand Routh is in it, and Brandon Routh is worth your time even if heís not in Supermanís tights where he belongs. He was even kind of good on Chuck, and nothing has been good on Chuck since season 1.

In Dylan Dog Routh stars as a detective who specializes in investigating the affairs of the dead. Actually it seems a little like Constantine except with a sense of humor. Itís based on a comic, so if youíve read it, let me know if thatís anywhere close to the mark in the comments section below.

Hereís the new Dylan Dog poster (click it for high-res):

The tagline on the poster, ďNo Pulse? No Problem.Ē is actually on Dylan Dogís business card. Not sure whatís going on with the zombie in the background, I guess heís high-stepping his way into hell, but hell is far more green than weíd ever imagined.
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