New Green Hornet Video Finds Seth Rogen Livin' In A Gangsters Paradise

By Josh Tyler 2011-01-05 14:33:20discussion comments
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New Green Hornet Video Finds Seth Rogen Livin' In A Gangsters Paradise image
Maybe itís time we all got a lot more excited about The Green Hornet. Sure the Thor trailer was splashy and yeah that Green Lantern teaser looked really expensive, but itís unlikely that any other superhero movie released this year will be more creative or flat out inventive than whatever Hornet director Michel Gondry has up his sleeve. At least thatís the impression Iím starting to get the more Sony shows us from it.

As proof of what Iím talking about, weíre loaded up with Green Hornet video. Last night I was sitting on my couch slogging through the increasingly less entertaining sci-fi series V when I was gifted with this pretty genius Green Hornet TV spot and subsequently couldnít stop laughing:

Please someone assure me thatís actually in the movie. While weíre on the subject, hereís even more pretty cool video from The Green Hornet. Six clips from the film featuring a freaked out Seth Rogen, Christoph Waltzís sensitivity about his clothes, and a demonstration of ďKato VisionĒ. Watch:

The Green Hornet trailer hits theaters January 14th. For more info, new images, and even more video visit our dedicated Green Hornet page in the Blend Film Database.
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