New Green Lantern Character Posters Show Off Sinestro And Kilowog

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-26 11:55:35discussion comments
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When the Tomar-Re character poster was released last week, I was a touch confused. The Martin Campbell-directed film has a slew of recognizable faces and names in it, and while Geoffrey Rush does provide Tomar-Re's voice, that doesn't exactly come clear in a one-sheet. The newest ones fix that... kind of.

Yahoo! has posted the second round of character posters and show off another pair of aliens - Sinestro and Kilowog - but at least this time you can recognize Mark Strong. Michael Clark Duncan will be the one providing Kilowog's voice, but, again, we're left with just our imaginations powering that one.

Check out the posters below or see them full size over on Yahoo!

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