New Harry Potter Trailer Coming

By Josh Tyler 2008-08-20 17:49:26discussion comments
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New Harry Potter Trailer Coming image
It looks like Warner Bros. may have come up with something to get Harry Potter fans focused on something besides the next movie’s changed release date. There’s a brand new trailer on the way.

The BBFC, Britain’s version of the MPAA, has just approved a PG rating for a new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer, with a running time of one minute and thirty-one seconds. There’s no word yet on when Warner Brothers will actually release this trailer, but it’s out there, completedy and ready to go. If they have any sense it's coming as soon as possible.

Warner Bros. doesn’t have any major, wide theatrical releases coming until October, and nothing at all that really appeals to the Harry Potter crowd until at least November, that they could attach another trailer to. If they’re in a rush, maybe they’ll cut to the chase and release this one directly to the internet.

Update: The latest word from Warner Brothers is that no new trailer will be released. Which begs the qusetion... why then did they submit one for ratings classification?
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