New Harry Potter Trailer On The Way, 9 New Stills Released

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New Harry Potter Trailer On The Way, 9 New Stills Released image
Harry Potter news is really heating up. The official announcement of where the two halves of the last installment will be split came down last week as part of Entertainment Weekly's Fall Preview. Now, we have two more bits of news to share.

The first news down the line is that a new trailer will be hitting the internet soon, with Warner Bros shifting their focus from the two-part whole to the soon-to-be-out Part 1 by putting out a new trailer showing off footage solely from this part. The only problem is, we donít get to see this new trailer yet. According to MuggleNet the British Board of Film Classification have rated a new trailer PG and itís on its way to us, but when weíll get it is still a mystery.

But to whet your appetite in the meantime, Warner Bros. has sent over nine HQ stills from the film that were also featured in EW. You can check out three of the pictures below that have been resized, but click on them to head over to our preview page and see them in HQ.

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