New Images for Almost Every 2010 Movie

By Tim Gomez 2009-07-17 02:31:27discussion comments
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Comic-Con is coming quickly, and as everyone knows, this is the time when studios start showing their big guns. This is a time for exclusive trailers, news, and actor interviews. Itís also the only four days every year where itís actually okay (popular, even) to be a geek.

In preparation for Comic-Con, has hit the jackpot. They are currently running a feature detailing many of the great movies that will be sneak previewed during the four-day extravaganza. Not only does the piece go through descriptions, cast members, and directors, but it also offers up several brand new exclusive photos.

We get to see Tony Stark for the first time since Iron Man. We get to see an exclusive Alice in Wonderland picture, and boy, does it look gorgeous. Thereís plenty of Zombieland coverage, and even a write-up on George Lucasí likely-to-fail Clone Wars. Check out a couple of the pictures below, and click through to to check out the entire collection. For those coming, if you see myself, Katey Rich, or Ed Perkis, make sure to bring us waters and treats.

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