New International Source Code Trailer

By Will LeBlanc 2010-12-24 07:16:58discussion comments
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New International Source Code Trailer image
If the first trailer for Duncan Jonesí Source Code didnít hook you, this one most definitely will. Showing off a bit more of what will definitely be a story unlike any youíve ever heard, this new trailer, which premiered over at HeyUGuys, builds on everything we saw in the domestic trailer a few weeks ago.

There seems like there would be some pretty loose science involved--I mean, why would our hero Jake Gyllenhaal only be able to live the last eight minutes of a manís life?--but after seeing Jonesí debut effort Moon, itís hard to believe that he wonít go through pains to make sure the science is all grounded in some sort of reality and explained well enough to eliminate most questions normal movie goers will have..

Scope out the exciting new trailer below.

I for one canít wait to see what Jones does with more than one actor and a budget more than my weekly allowance when I was 12. Source Code doesnít hit wide until April 1st, but will be opening SXSW in March.

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