New Jackass 3-D Photos Are Somewhere Over The Rainbow

By Josh Tyler 2010-09-29 00:09:09discussion comments
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New Jackass 3-D Photos Are Somewhere Over The Rainbow image
Normally I know what to expect from a Jackass image. The posters we showed you a couple of weeks ago for Jackass 3-D were cool, but typical. You got the usual assortment of guys being endangered while doing something stupid in a photo. But this new batch of Jackass 3-D photos seems almost, well, artistic.

Two of them make sense. In the first image below you’ll see Chris Pontius doing his bit where he wanders around dressed up as the Devil. In this case he seems to be in some sort of barn. The second image features a man parasailing behind an airplane. High-concept and cool. Pain free too, unless someone cuts his cable. But the third image… I honestly have no idea what’s going on here. Some sort of weird, new form of Jackass performance art?

Take a closer look by clicking on each photo to see a high-res version.

Look for Jackass 3-D leaping out of theater screens and into your lap on October 10th.
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