New Movie Montage Thinks You Look Like Shit

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-11-12 18:05:40discussion comments
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New Movie Montage Thinks You Look Like Shit image
Thanks to a crippling headache, I've been forced to spend most of today holed up in my room with the lights off and the shades drawn. Naturally, I probably don't look my best right now. In fact, if I were in a movie and a friend came over, chances are they would say something along the lines of "You look like shit." I suppose that's why I'm so happy I found this new movie mash-up.

The Huffington Post has created what they call a "Megacut" in which they have scoured through seemingly hundreds of films from Die Hard to Grandma's Boy. I always love these kinds of videos because I can only imagine the number of hours and research that goes into making them. I can only imagine that the next person that talks to the editor and says "You look like shit" gets a pair of tightly gripped hands around their throat. It just has to be that stressful.

Check out the montage below.

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