New Photos And Video From The Avengers Set Show Off Explosions And Cap In Costume

By Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-07 11:02:24discussion comments
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As first reported last week, the Cleveland portion of The Avenger's production schedule is well underway and causing a lot of destruction in the process. Just yesterday videos and photos from the set were released and revealed falling buildings, screaming extras and a leather jacket-clad Chris Evans. Today we have even more action from the set, but this time around the photos and video are even more fun. Why? One word: explosions!, which has actually opened a new page on their site dedicated entirely to the Marvel Studios film, has posted more images of destruction from the set. The filming is taking place on the city's E 9th Street, which is subbing in for New York City during one of the movie's bigger action sequences. Among the pictures and video below are shots of Evans out of his streets and in his updated uniform, which we first spotted in the teaser for the movie's first teaser trailer. Production is scheduled to continue over the next four weeks, so expect more to come!

Check out the video and images below and for more be sure to head over to
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