New Predators Poster Finally Gets It Right With Heat Signatures

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-06-07 16:42:03discussion comments
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Minus the one poster featuring Adrien Brody with a predator ominously looking over his shoulder, the Predators promo material has just been more of the same. Iím thrilled to report that the folks at IMP Awards have tracked down a brand new fantastic rendering, even if it is low resolution.

While at the theater, Ramaís Screen snapped a picture of a poster that Fox has yet to release to the masses. Why? I have no idea. The studio should have let this one out of the gate way before those ridiculous character posters Ė which you can view here and here - because this image is awesome! It offers a look at Brody and Alice Bragaís characters in Predator vision, which relies on temperatures and is displayed as an infrared image. Finally, something novel! Whenís the last time youíve seen a poster infrared-style?

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