New Report Suggesting Jonathan Nolan Is The Top Choice To Direct Superman

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-07-23 12:08:39discussion comments
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New Report Suggesting Jonathan Nolan Is The Top Choice To Direct Superman image
Even with the reports pouring in claiming Christopher Nolanís brother Jonathan will be the man to direct the new Superman movie, every single one is oozing with skepticism. The latest information comes from The Playlist and while the site calls their source a good one, still mentions that thereís a chance their news that little Nolan is the frontrunner to direct Superman: Man of Steel might not be true.

Even if Nolan really is the top guy on the list that doesnít mean heís free of competition. The Dark Knight co-writer, David S. Goyer, is also in the running, however, thereís a chance he might be too busy with another superhero project. This is too bad because Goyer is responsible for this script and Warner Bros was hoping to save some cash and have someone pull double duty, writing and directing. Apparently the Wachowskis were also approached to get behind the lens, but they werenít interested.

Hereís a little tidbit that is almost guaranteed to be true: big news will come during Comic-Con. Perhaps the director decision? The Playlistís source sounds pretty sure that Goyer and Nolan are the two to keep an eye on. Considering Christopher is overseeing the project and likes the idea of Jonah directing it, Iíd put my money on Nolan being the man for the job.

Wrapping things up is a little something that will likely clog the Internet once the director gig is assigned, casting. Warner Bros will reportedly go with an unknown for the lead role because they want a guy who they can secure for two additional films. An actor not being considered? Zachary Levi. There have been rumors floating around that heíd don the cape, but this source says thatís complete garbage. The source did say, "There is a list knocking around, but its nothing major and really worth nothing more than a fan wish-list."

I wish I could just completely dismiss anything I hear about this project, but the buzz about Jonathan Nolan directing is so strong itís hard to believe the concept wonít come to fruition. A part of me even wishes this whole idea will just disappear before weíre stuck with another Spider-Man or Captain America casting frenzy. Who knows? Maybe weíll get lucky and the director and star will be announced at SDCC.
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