New Scream 4 Trailer Tries To Kill The Cheerleader

By Mack Rawden 2011-01-20 18:18:35discussion comments
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New Scream 4 Trailer Tries To Kill The Cheerleader image
The new trailer for Scream 4 just slashed its way onto the internet, only minutes after brand new images from the film debuted here. Spoiler alert: itís kind of awesome.

Carefully weaving through both returning cast members and introducing the new generation of horror aficionados, the two and a half minute clip is rife with comedy, scariness and of course, Screamís trademark satire. For years, Wes Craven has been the master of macabre with a smile, but only time will tell if heís done enough here to revive the dormant franchise.

Take a look at the trailer below or in HD on Apple. Note how it builds the tension, letting some scenes play out a little longer than usual for a teaser and then hitting the audience with quick cut flashes of spookinessÖ

Thereís a lot to like here and a little to be skeptical about. First the bad: weíve known for awhile that the fourth installment would take into account a new generation of kids talking about the old slayings, but itís really hammered home in this trailer. Thereís news coverage of the events, gossip amongst the kids and even jokes about the source brutality. Itís a little obvious, but that doesnít necessarily mean it wonít work.

On the bright side, everyoneís favorite cheerleader riffling off about twenty previously released scary movies is certainly a high point. It feels like the original but updated for a new audience with a unique set of cultural references. Also, I canít get enough of Anthony Anderson. Itís unlikely heíll be burning down any fast food restaurants here, as he plays a cop and not a ridiculous side character in Harold & Kumar, but anytime heís getting work Iím happy.

What did you think? Are you more excited for Scream 4 now that youíve seen this? Let us know in the comment section below.
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