New Super 8 Clip Shows The Aftermath Of The Train Crash

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-05-17 22:11:17discussion comments
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New Super 8 Clip Shows The Aftermath Of The Train Crash image
Yesterday Paramount began releasing a series of clips from the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Super 8. All taking place around the same point in the film: the train crash that puts the plot in motion. The first 30 second look showed the kids at center of the plot setting up for a scene in their monster movie and the second was all about the action, showing exactly what happens when a gigantic freight train is thrown off of its tracks. If you thought that second clip was intense, wait till you get a load of this.

According to the video, all three clips are part of a series being shown at 8:00pm on Fox with the next one airing tomorrow during American Idol. Though this new spot doesn't show the creature that escaped from the train, it does show the aftermath and suggests the threat that is coming.

Check out the clip below.

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