New Super 8 TV Spot Reveals More Footage

By Will LeBlanc 2011-04-04 12:02:26discussion comments
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New Super 8 TV Spot Reveals More Footage image
If youíre not excited to see J.J. Abramsí new alien story Super 8 then there is something drastically wrong with you. Recently, the director previewed about 20 minutes of footage that our own Katey Rich scoped out (see her reaction HERE), and in true J.J. Abrams fashion the alien has been kept hidden save for a non-humanoid being that you canít really make out.

Unfortunately, that preview is nowhere for anyone to see so weíre going to have to make do with this new TV spot. Thereís not a ton in here we havenít seen before, but there is some new stuff, even if it's nothing too revealing. The most exciting thing we see is something tiny zoom across the screen and then later we see some debris floating through the street, but you guessed it, no alien.

Super 8 hits theaters June 10th, one week after X-Men: First Class, one week before Green Lantern, and two weeks before Cars 2. Expect record box office receipts for June 2011. Scope out the clip below and revel in its 80s movie feel and overwhelming sense of mystery.

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