New The Lovely Bones Poster Isn't Very Lovely

By Tim Gomez 2009-11-24 14:28:46discussion comments
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Itís still hard to figure out whether or not The Lovely Bones is going to be good. On one hand, you have to trust Peter Jackson with the material, considering heís dealt with the fantastical in beautiful ways time and time again. On the other hand, Mark Wahlberg over Ryan Gosling? Really?

The bits and pieces that weíve been getting have told us little about what to expect from Jackson this time around (including the stoneriffic trailer), but theyíve all been great to look at. Today, Myspace has an exclusive look at a new poster for the flick, and to be honest, itís rather boring. It has the ominous rapist standing in the shadows with little Susie Salmon curiously approaching. The colors are gorgeous, but other than that, this is a sleep-worthy one-sheet.

Check it out below and click through to Myspace to see a high quality version.

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