New Trailer For Tarsem's Immortals

By Will LeBlanc 2011-06-27 08:32:54discussion comments
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New Trailer For Tarsem's Immortals image
The more Relativity Media reveals from their upcoming man vs. gods flick Immortals, the more it looks like what the incredible failure Clash of the Titans should have been. It features gods and demigods, expansive vast landscapes, and wars on an immeasurable scale. It's everything that Clash of the Titans had, it just looks like itís been done roughly 900 times better.

Admittedly, this film did not look appealing at all in its first trailer and seemingly tried too hard to rip off 300 (the films share some producers, very obviously), but itís looked better and better at each stage in its promotion and I think this is the best weíve seen it look so far. A new trailer was released over at, possibly the strangest exclusive choice for a film like this, and does its very best to trim the fat from the other trailer and focus on the big action and the stunning visuals. Take a look below.

Tarsem Singh has a knack for creating some of the most beautiful images ever put to film and his style doesnít seem to have changed for Immortals, though it does seem far less colorful than his last effort, The Fall. It will be interesting to see what he does with an effects film, as the vast majority of what heís done before heís managed to pull off in-camera.

As we continue to trudge forward through this massive summer of blockbusters, expect to see this trailer attached to a lot of the action tentpoles hitting theaters in the next few months leading up to its 11-11-11 release.
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