New Water For Elephants Trailer Proves Reese Witherspoon Belongs In A Circus

By Josh Tyler 2011-03-04 03:17:53discussion comments
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New Water For Elephants Trailer Proves Reese Witherspoon Belongs In A Circus image
This is going to sound like an attack on Reese Witherspoon, but itís not. Hear me out. While Hollywood often tries to cast her as the romantic lead in whatever generic, meet cute theyíre cooking up, Reese Witherspoon will never belong in those films. Itís her look. It just isnít Hollywood. Sheís pretty, but not in the way most actresses are pretty. Sheís pretty in the way the hottest girl in the Ozarks might be pretty. Her look isnít glamour or glitz, maybe thatís why sheís done her best work playing the plainest of the plain, like Walk the Lineís June Carter Cash. What Iím getting at is that Reese Witherspoon belongs in a circus.

In Water for Elephants sheíll play the hottest girl in a traveling circus sideshow, and in this new trailer for the film, I buy it. I wouldnít buy it if this part were played by Rachel McAdams, or Scarlett Johansson, or just about anyone else except Salma Hayek who can do wonders while wearing facial hair. I buy it when itís Reese Witherspoon.

I also buy Christoph Waltz as the man behind the circus tent. Heís playing another villain, clearly heís typecast, but at least heís really good at playing villains. Did you see Green Hornet? Waltz was better than average there.

Check out the new Water for Elephants trailer embedded below or see it in HD on

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