Nic Cage Is Out Of The Green Hornet

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-08 20:14:16discussion comments
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Nic Cage Is Out Of The Green Hornet image
The Green Hornet just canít catch a break. The filmís production has been plagued with delays and disappointments for years now, but last week Seth Rogenís Green Hornet started filming and it seemed as if all of that was finally behind them. And now thereís this: Nic Cage quits.

Cage was on board to play the movieís villain but the trades say he never actually signed an agreement with Columbia Pictures. Now theyíve given up on trying to sign him and Nic is off to do something else, leaving director Michel Gondry to find a new dastardly evil doer for Seth Rogen to battle.

Though the movieís been shooting in Los Angeles since last week nothing with Cage was filmed since, of course, he hadnít signed on the dotted line yet. Presumably theyíll keep filming and save the movieís bad guy moments until they actually have a bad guy to put in front of the camera.
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