Nic Cage's Terrible Movie Choices Explained

By Josh Tyler 2010-10-07 14:19:23discussion comments
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Nic Cage's Terrible Movie Choices Explained image
Nic Cageís recent track record is utterly confusing. Heís an amazing actor who, occasionally, picks amazing movies. Bad Lieutenant was one of the best movies of last year. But for every Bad Lieutenant Cage does, he does four or five Sorcererís Apprentices. It just doesnít make sense. Or it didnít, until now.

The following video is a re-enactment of imagined conversations between Nic Cage and his agent. But itís not whatís going on in the foreground thatís funny, pay attention to the posters which keep appearing behind his agent in the background:

Hereís a few of my favorite potential Nic Cage projects proposed by the video:

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