Nicolas Cage Protects His Family From Home Invaders In First Trailer For Trespass

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-17 18:32:22discussion comments
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With some exceptions, if you've seen one middle-of-the-road home invasion movie, you've seen them all: a happy family is living their peaceful lives when a group of hardened criminals break in wanting money/jewels/whatever is in the safe. The first half of the movie has the antagonists beating up on the hero until finally there is a breaking point and the tide turns. Looking at the first trailer for Tresspass, the new film from director Joel Schumacher, we probably shouldn't go in expecting too much originality. Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Yahoo!

Starring Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet, and Nico Tortorella, the film seems like a by-the-numbers affiar though I wonder if wildcards like Cage and Schumacher can at least make it somewhat interesting. The production itself has an extremely strange backstory, as Cage was originally brought in to play the husband, but then decided he wanted to play the villain instead. Just as production was about to start, Cage then decided to go on vacation to the Bahamas and it looked as though he was bailing on the project. Then, a few days later, he changed his mind again, came back to the project and decided that he actually did want to be the husband instead of the villain. Still with me?

The film is actually the second time that Cage has paired up with the director, though one can only hope this movie will be an improvement on 8mm. Tresspass hits theaters on October 14th.
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