Odin Dispenses Godly Wisdom In This New Thor Photo

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-15 16:57:41discussion comments
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Odin Dispenses Godly Wisdom In This New Thor Photo image
Not to be outdone by Warner Bros. and their new DC Comics based Green Lantern franchise, Marvel has a new photo from Thor floating around out in the ether. It was first picked up by a reader on Superherohype. The image shows Anthony Hopkins as Odin imparting godly wisdom to Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Or maybe heís about to kick him in the nuts. Itís kind of hard to tell.

Now that Iron Man 2 is out of the way Thor is the next movie in the Marvel menagerie, one of the steps on the road leading up to their big Avengers team-up. Itís about a disabled medical student who transforms into the God of Thunder. Totally plausible. I know a guy that really happened to. For more images and info on Thor, check out our dedicated Thor coverage channel right here. Otherwise, hereís the new image:

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