One Direction's Musical Brotherly Love Showcased In First 1D3D Trailer

By Nick Venable 2013-02-12 00:00:20discussion comments
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The ways that cinema makes musical documentaries are two-fold - and weíre talking about films with the actual artists, not biopics with actors. As recent example, which will be presented with as little pretension and subjectivity as possible, we can look at the docs Sound City, Dave Grohlís documentary about Sound City Studios (arguably one of the most important American recording studios where dozens of classic albums were recorded), and 1D3D, the 3D biopic of the ridiculously popular boy band One Direction, directed by Morgan Spurlock. Grohl went the Sundance and Video On Demand route, while 1D3D is going nationwide August 30, 2013, with international premieres all over the later part of the year. One of these stories is being told because there is a story to tell, and one is being told in an effort to make a few hundred million dollars. Just saying.

Courtesy of the bandís YouTube page, fans and others can now get their first full glimpse at what we can expect from the full-length documentary, which will no doubt mix heartfelt behind the scenes brotherly love with performances rendered in 3D, to make pre-teen girls everywhere swoon as they pretend each band memberís spittle-covered lips are reaching out to kiss them. Check out the ooey-gooey English-Irish boyness of it all below.

All in all, itís nothing we havenít seen before, and will definitely be catering more towards the groupís fans rather than innocent bystanders looking for something juicy and controversial to sink their teeth into. Iím 30 now, so Iíve already lived while I was young, and Iím moving in one direction towards films of a completely different subject matter.
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