Oscar Analysis 2014: Breaking Down The Best Original Score Race

By Gabe Toro 2014-01-27 05:38:12discussion comments
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William Butler and Owen Pallett are first-time honorees for Her, and this is one of those cases where Her heads will support the score, and those who have never heard of Butlerís Arcade Fire will just wonder what Butler and Pallett are responsible for. Itís a rock score in a conventional sense, with sweetly strumming guitars, piano solos and a decidedly pop bent. Itís more immersive and obtrusive than the other scores in this category, as if itís an additional character in director Spike Jonzeís world, and therefore the acceptance of the music is more about an acceptance of this sterile utopian world where people fall for their computer systems. Older voters need not apply.

Thereís no Oscar royalty quite like John Williams. The man has collected 49 nominations, the most of anyone outside of Walt Disney, and his five wins in this category stand out amongst his competitors. These days it takes a lot to get the formerly-prolific Williams out of bed, given that he almost exclusively works with Steven Spielberg and hasnít won a trophy in twenty years, so it was a surprise to see him lacing them up for The Book Thief, an Oscar-bait film that excited no one. A vote for this score is a vote for Williams, since opinions on the film were lukewarm and itís likely that those who saw it werenít eager to fire up Williams fishing through his greatest hits once again. Williams hasnít won since Schindlerís List, but if thereís anyone not hurting for a little gold man, itís him.
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