Oscar Analysis 2014: Breaking Down The Best Original Song Race

By Gabe Toro 2014-01-30 08:31:02discussion comments
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When weíre talking Disney musicals, itís almost like a bunch of people bringing pea shooters to a gunfight. Let It Go from Frozen is the most poppy and hard-charging of the tracks in this category, and itís not only sung by the characters, but it greatly informs the story. Frozen has tunes that recall the Disney of the nineties, and this brassy show-stopper is the hit filmís highlight. And when the film is successful enough to dominate the box office from late November into the middle of January, having a musical moment thatís also a highlight certainly helps.

To win this category, a song doesnít need to be a chart-topper, but it certainly helps. If Boughten made enough calls to get Alone Yet Not Alone, imagine how pushy Disney and its employees in the Academy sold their own product. Kids have been singing the song for months now, and the track even has the benefit of having a single version performed by Demi Lovato (the film version is sung by Idina Menzel). Thereís a bit of awareness in regards to putting on a good show, and having Menzel on the program performing would be a bigger boost to the Academy and its ratings, particularly in specific demographics, than bringing Pharrell, Karen O. or the overexposed U2 to the stage.
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