Oscar Analysis 2014: Breaking Down The Best Picture Race

By Sean O'Connell 2014-01-31 14:19:58discussion comments
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Gravity and American Hustle If it were up to me, Gravity would win. Itís the best movie of the year, and the fact that Alfonso Cuaron has been collecting Best Director trophies left and right leads me to believe that the blockbuster awards contender has a solid shot at prevailing at the Academy Awards.

If it were up to me, American Hustle wouldnít even be in this category. I donít care for the movie, but I am in the EXTREME minority. Hustle cleaned up in the other categories, punching its ticket in almost every major category. Rarely do movies get nominations in categories like Picture, Director, Screenplay, every Actor category and NOT win Picture. It suggests that, across the board, it is appreciated. I still think that itís going to lose toÖ
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