Oscar-winning Crash To Be Adapted As TV Series

By Katey Rich 2008-01-28 18:05:24discussion comments
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Oscar-winning Crash To Be Adapted As TV Series image
Oh God. Brace yourselves. Three years after Crash inexplicably won Best Picture and enraged moviegoers and Oscar watchers worldwide, itís like a bad rash that still wonít go away. Now, not content with just showing the damn thing over and over again, the Starz! network will turn Crash into a 13-episode TV series. Thatís right: because there are just too many ways to explore racism in the most obvious and pandering way possible, we now get 13 mini-Crashes to make us all feel bad about ourselves but good for seeing a movie that addresses racism.

Variety reports that it will be the networkís first original drama series, and given that this is the idea they came up with, itís not hard to see why. A number of cable networks, like AMC and TNT, have been expanding into original dramas with great success lately; itís no shocker that Starz!, pretty much indistinguishable from HBO On Demand at this point, wants to move into that territory. And, OK, fine, Crash is an established property that performed quite well on home video, and its multi-layered storytelling format lends itself to a series expansion. Kevin Beggs, president of programming for Lionsgate, which will produce the series, said that none of the original characters from the movie will appear, but Don Cheadle will be working behind the camera, so there may be a possibility to see his character re-appear. Paul Haggis, the director and co-writer of the movie, will also be involved, along with his co-writer Bobby Moresco.

So theyíre adapting an Oscar-winning movie for a TV series and getting the original talent involved as much as possible, and doing it on a premium cable network where you can pretty much get away with whatever you want. Fine. But why, God, why does it have to be Crash? Hollywood has no lack of self-congratulatory dramas, and most of them arenít as intolerable as this one. We can now look forward to an episode each week in which a character confronts his racism and ďlearns something,Ē while any deeper lesson about character or relationships or anything not related to race get ignored as ďunimportant.Ē Personally, Iím holding out for Shakespeare in Love: The Animated Series, or maybe Titanic: The Untold Story. Now thatís must-see TV.
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