Our 15 Favorite Big Lebowski Moments To Celebrate The Dude's 15th Anniversary

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-06 13:04:03discussion comments
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Jesus Quintana
John Turturroís part in the movie is short, but his impact is infinite. I still canít be sure what would motivate somebody to lick a bowling ball, but perhaps Iím the strange one. And how great is it to introduce the antagonist to a Spanish version of a song originally sung by a band that the protagonist hates, as established later in the movie? Is that too nerdy an observation?

Making The Drop
Some horrible, horrible things happen to The Dudeís car throughout The Big Lebowski and this is the very beginning. Walter proves to be an even bigger nutjob than once thought, but at the same time we never want to see these two characters apart ever again.
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