Owen Wilson Is Practicing His Big Dog Voice

By Josh Tyler 2009-11-03 01:55:53discussion comments
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Owen Wilson Is Practicing His Big Dog Voice image
Somewhere out there, Owen Wilson is sitting in front of a mirror and practicing his barks. THR says heís been hired to voice Marmaduke the Great Dane in Foxís upcoming computer animated movie named, appropriately, Marmaduke.

Itís based on the theoretically popular (because itís in a lot of papers, though Iíve never met anyone who likes it) comic strip about a really big dog who gets into all sorts of trouble. Iím no expert on the strip, but I had no idea that dog actually spoke in it. Isnít it just a bunch of humans standing around commenting on how their dog is too big to fit into such a small space? I could be wrong. See, itís hilarious because heís so big!

Owen probably should have talked to Bill Murray about Garfield before committing to this. Doing a voice in a Pixar movie like Cars is one thing. This however, has epic fail written all over it.
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