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By Rafe Telsch 2009-03-18 17:27:10discussion comments
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I love Christopher Nolanís take on Batman. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight just might be my favorite comic book movies of all time, with the latter of the two possibly making its way onto my all-time favorite movies list. Still, thereís a certain nostalgia for what Tim Burton did with the character, taking a chance on Michael Keaton and creating some cool visuals along the way.

One of those visuals, or at least a recreation of it, could be yours for the taking this weekend. Kruse International is auctioning off a recreation of the Burton era Batmobile, arguably the best on screen visualization of Batmanís wheels in the 1989 movie. The Jumper in Nolanís films may have been cool, but Burtonís Batmobile was one of the strong points for his film.

The description for the item, which goes on auction on this weekend, is listed below:

ďSeller states this is an exact recreation of the 1989 batmobile. The car is true to the movie in every way from its flame throwing afterburner to the 50 cal machine guns, alumn side intakes, grills, steel front turbine, alumn afterburner and real side mechanics... it has a canopy that moves under its own actuator to the correct wheels and Mickey Thompson tires. This stealth crime fighter has a small block 350 Chevy engine with an automatic transmission riding on a custom tube chassis this batmobile replica is a driver with working head and tail lights. Its interior is as well true to the movie down to every detail with leather seats, all leather dash and trim it also is equipped with aircraft gauges and instrumentation it was built by the prominent batmobile replica builder with all high quality parts and fabricated to handle the open road thatís right this car is a driver built for go as well as show. It has a full air suspension for clearance on steep drive ways and any obstacle in its path. You can drive this car, or even use it for display purposes.Ē

Okay, I canít imagine the machine guns actually work, and I even have my doubts about the afterburner, but I could be wrong. Iíd just love to sit in the thing and flip open the canopy a few times. Of course, I wouldnít feel right owning this without also having a pretty kickass Batman costume, and some cave to keep it in with a revolving floor, but thatís just me. Itís not likely my wife would understand my need to bid on it. If youíre interested, head over to Kruse Internationalís website for more information.
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