PJ Hogan Is Chasing Vermeer

By Josh Tyler 2006-07-10 00:00:00discussion comments
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If you were one of the two or three people who saw PJ Hoganís take on Peter Pan back in 2003, then youíre probably excited to hear that the Austrlian filmmaker has finally gotten around to directing another movie.

The Hollywood Reporter says Hogan has signed on to helm Chasing Vermeer, a mystery-adventure movie being described as the Da Vinci Code for teens. I guess youíre never too young for blasphemy.

The script is based on a series of best-selling childrenís books about a boy and girl attending a school for gifted students. While there, the pair play Encyclopedia Brown and solve the theft of a valuable 17th century painting. The gimmick is that the book features codes and clues in the illustrations which accompany what youíre reading. Hogan has an interesting visual flair, so donít be surprised if he finds some way to work that into his film.
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