Pam Anderson Is Like Totally Against The Baywatch Movie

By Tim Gomez 2009-10-15 23:40:03discussion comments
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Pam Anderson Is Like Totally Against The Baywatch Movie image
Wow, remember the days when Pam Anderson was the go-to girl for just about every male adolescent in the world? Those were great days. Hell, even at 42, she looks great. And I say this because what else did she really have to offer to film and television? While sheís done great things socially since her time on Baywatch ended, her contribution to entertainment has never really been all that important.

Even so, she still seems to care aboutBaywatch. According to Us Magazine, Anderson has come out publicly against a proposed Baywatch movie that Paramount has planned. When asked about the adaptation, she responded, ďNever! I'm not going do it. I liked the TV show. I don't like it when they ruin it by making a movie out of it." I didnít realize she was a seven year old. Now I just feel creepy.

No one disagrees that making a Baywatch movie is a bad call, but itís very likely that we donít disagree on the same terms. Anderson seems to think that thereís something to protect about the series. The rest of know that with the internet, there are plenty of better ways to consume half naked girls for free. Why waste resources by making a movie about girls in one-piece swimsuits?
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