Paranormal Activity Expands To 20 Cities

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-29 00:14:18discussion comments
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Iím a cynical bastard so when I heard that Paramount was staging special midnight screenings last week to gauge audience reaction to Paranormal Activity, as a means of deciding whether or not to release it wider, I naturally assumed that in fact they planned to release it wide all along and that this was just some slick marketing stunt. So if youíre a suspicious asshole like me, then the news that Paramount is indeed now opening Paranormal Activity on more screens comes as no surprise. If on the other hand youíre not a total buzz kill, then pat yourself on the back and put one in the win column for the movieís growing legions of fans.

Paramount Pictures has announced that theyíre bringing the film to 20 more cities this Friday. They credit the 200,000 fans who have registered interest in the film on Paranormal Activityís website. Donít be surprised if the following week, it goes a little wider.

Seemingly, itís more than justified. In her review of the filmís midnight showing in New York last week, our own Katey Rich called it, ďa fascinating indie film, an example of how much can be done with so little money, and a modern take on The Blair Witch Project-style of "found footage" horror that still feels completely new.Ē

This Friday youíll be able to catch Paranormal Activity at special midnight showings being held in Atlanta, Miami, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit, Baltimore, Sacramento, San Jose, Tampa, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco and Philadelphia
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