Paranormal Activity Gets Wide Release, But Only If You Click

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-07 01:34:48discussion comments
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Paranormal Activity Gets Wide Release, But Only If You Click image
Paramount Pictures has announced that the much lusted after new horror movie Paranormal Activity may, after weeks of fan teasing, go wide. But of course since this is Paranormal Activity it will only go wide if you get on the internet and click a button.

They say the movie will open nationwide only when theyíve received a million clicks from fans on their website who click the ďDemand ItĒ button for their area. As I type this, the counter on the site is already approaching half a million and letís face it, whether or not anyone clicks I have a feeling that the counter will eventually read a million. Itís just good marketing.

The film has been playing for a couple of weeks now at limited engagement midnight showings in select US cities. Both audience and critical response has been absolutely through the roof and Paramount has wisely been using the filmís great word of mouth as a marketing tactic. Itís working. If youíre not already in one of the cities where itís been playing, expect Paranormal Activity in a theater near you soon.
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