Paul Greengrass Abandons Fantastic Voyage To Focus On Pegleg Kung Fu

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-20 00:17:08discussion comments
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Paul Greengrass Abandons Fantastic Voyage To Focus On Pegleg Kung Fu image
Paul Greengrass has chosen pirate ships over angry blood vessels. A few weeks ago he was circling the James Cameron produced remake of The Fantastic Voyage, a movie in which people shrink themselves to be injected into a humanís bloodstream. Deadline says heís bowing out now, not because heís Greengrass and heís far too talented to waste time with Hollywoodís never ending string of remakes, but because heíd rather remake something else.

Word is that heís focusing on an adaptation of Treasure Island instead. Theyíre aiming for a stylized take on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel and itís being produced by the guy behind Sherlock Holmes. I guess that means Long John Silver will now do kung fu. Why not, this stories been so many times already, itís not like thereís much else left. Youíve got to find something new to do with it.

Greengrass hasnít committed to Treasure Island yet, thereís some debate over hiring a screenwriter, but it sounds like heís definitely uncommitted to Fantastic Voyage which means James Cameronís on the lookout for someone else. In my perfect world, Greengrass would go back to Fantastic Voyage and Treasure Island would hire Werner Herzog or Lars von Trier. Then Long John Silverís kung fu would be replaced with an unhealthy, erotic lust for trees. Itíd be ironic, since he has a pegleg which is made from trees. Oh the dramatic possibilities! Think Lars and the Real Girl at sea.

Thatíll never happen though, so theyíll look for someone mainstream to direct Fantastic Voyage instead. Maybe that Cameron fellow would like to direct something that doesnít involve blue cat people. Fantastic Voyage does involve a submarine and it takes place inside the bloodstream, which is pretty much like being underwater. Cameronís addicted to submarine exploration and this is the next best thing.
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