Piranha 3D Sequel Headed For Rewrites, Tara Reid Cast?

By Josh Tyler 2011-03-28 16:18:41discussion comments
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Piranha 3D Sequel Headed For Rewrites, Tara Reid Cast? image
Tara Reid may have joined the cast of the sequel to Piranha 3D, currently titled Piranha 3DD, and that seems perfect. Itís perfect because Piranha is not the kind of movie that asks to be, or should be taken seriously, and because pretty much no one takes Tara Reid seriously anymore, if they think of her at all.

The news of her involvement comes from Perez (via Dark Horizons) where they donít seem to mention the fact that the movie hasnít started shooting or casting yet, making her involvement strange. The normally reliable guys at DH donít cite a source for their rumor either and itís worth noting that Moviehole says sheís not involved at all.

What MH says is more certain, is that Highlander: Endgame writer Joel Soisson has been brought in to do a rewrite on the Piranha sequel script. Maybe thatís a good idea since nobody took Highlander: Endgame seriously either, but thatís because itís terrible, not because itís trying to be over the top and ridiculous. How bad must the script be when you think the guy who wrote Highlander: Endgame can improve it? The movieís release date has been pushed back a few months from September to November 23rd to give him more time for rewrites. This doesnít bode well.
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