Pirates 4 Starts Filming: First Set Photos And The Promise Of LOTR Style Access!

By Josh Tyler 2010-06-17 23:44:59discussion comments
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Pirates 4 Starts Filming: First Set Photos And The Promise Of LOTR Style Access! image
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides officially set sail today, when filming commenced on a secret beach somewhere in Hawaii. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced the start of filming through his twitter feed and immediately set to work dropping pictures from the set. Heís promised to keep sending out photos along with all sorts of special content while they start filming, by using his Facebook Fan Page, and Iím excited.

Itís not that Iím excited about Pirates 4, they really lost me after the second one, but Iím excited because he seems serious about really taking us along for the ride as they make the movie. Itís something that a lot of big Hollywood productions tried early in the new millennium, most particularly Lord of the Rings did a brilliant job of it, releasing videos and photos from the set of all three movies on nearly a daily basis as they made them. After Superman Returns did it and failed to make as much money as hoped though, Hollywood got away from letting fans see behind the curtain, blaming that kind of access for the Supermanís failure to live up to their expectations.

Anyone who was there following along with Peter Jackson and Bryan Singerís obsessively detailed production diaries as they made their movies, knows what a shame that is. Iíll never forget Bryan Singerís first demonstration of their specially constructed flying rig for Superman Returns. Ridiculously cool. These days instead of the impromptu uploads of anything and everything that might be cool from the set, we get carefully filtered content doled out whenever some publicists feels like we can handle it. What Bruckheimerís use of his Twitter feed promises, or what I hope it promises, is a return to the days of Lord of the Rings style production access. Itís just about the only thing that could possibly get me excited about another entry in the Pirates franchise. Keep it up Jerry, and Iím in.

For now, hereís a couple more of the set photos Bruckheimer shared today on the first day of On Stranger Tides production. Weíll let you know as he posts more.

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