Popeye Gets Animated In 3D

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-22 23:58:38discussion comments
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Grab a can of spinach and practice your favorite sea shanty, Popeye the Sailor Man is headed back to theaters. When last seen it was 1980 and Robin Williams played him in a better than its reputation movie directed by the late, great Robert Altman. This time, theyíre ditching the notion of using an actor and going CGI.

Variety says Sony is playing an all computer animated version of the iconic cartoon character. Avi Arad, the mind behind Marvelís past success with Sony on Spider-Man, is set to produce it. Sonyís also behind that strange, live-action/CGI mix Smurfs movie which is on the way. Popeye fits in well with that strategy, whatever that strategy is. Making things with pre-existing name recognition? If I had to guess, thatís probably it.

Maybe itíll work as an animated movie, but Iíd rather see them bring Robin Williams back. Put his now elderly Popeye in a nursing home with Bruce Campbellís Elvis and call it Bubba Bluto. Now thatís a movie I can get behind. At the least Sony, consider hiring Robin Williams for voice work. I hear he'll work for spinach.
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