Poster For Raimi's Vampire Movie

By Josh Tyler 2007-06-05 11:37:34discussion comments
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Sam Raimi may be too busy with Spider-Man to make his own horror movies, but he seems to find plenty of time to produce them for others. Heís part of the producing team on Sonyís upcoming horror/thriller 30 Days of Night. It stars Josh Hartnett as one of a handful in the small town of Barrow, Alaska under siege by a group of bloodthirsty vampires.

Alright, the last thing we need is another vampire movie. But Sony has just released the first teaser poster for the film, and itís kind of cool. Thereís nothing glossy or slick about it. Itís gritty and, for a poster, actually pretty scary.

See the first teaser poster for 30 Days of Night in high-res here, or just check it out below:

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