Poster: Richard Kelly's The Box

By Katey Rich 2009-07-17 13:02:06discussion comments
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Aside from the gossip and hilarious one-liners you can occasionally catch, following famous people on Twitter has one distinct advantage: sometimes, you really do here it there first. I recently started following Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, and today he debuted on his feed the final poster for The Box, his new thriller starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella.

In the film Diaz and Marsden play a couple who are mysteriously given a box that contains a button; if you push the button, you get a million dollars, but someone in the world you don't know will die. Frank Langella is on hand to encourage them to push the button and look creepy in the process. The movie comes out in October just in time for Halloween, and there will be plenty of movie fans with their fingers crossed that this can be Kelly's comeback after the failure of Southland Tales. Does this poster, mostly generic with a red stripe giving it some personality, indicate that? Not really. But would you really want the poster to be the best part of the movie?

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