Race Around The World With Achingly Beautiful Cars 2 Concept Art

By Josh Tyler 2011-03-17 19:38:16discussion comments
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Race Around The World With Achingly Beautiful Cars 2 Concept Art  image
Pixar always seems to have as much fun making their movies as we do watching them. Often their excitement over their own films results in the releasing of unexpected little gems like these amazing pieces of concept art from Toy Story 3. Or, artwork like what I’m about to show you from Cars 2.

The following pieces of concept art turned stunning poster were originally meant to highlight the “Carification” of the world the Cars 2 story takes place in, using famous landmarks from around the world. Now these racing posters seem better suited to hanging prominently on someone’s wall. Check out four stunning Cars 2 concept art posters below. Make it a point to click on each for a full-glory, high-res version.

Cars 2 arrives in theaters June 24th and takes Lightning McQueen and his buddy Mater around the world to race in the World Grand Prix. Expect to see a few of those locations in the racing posters above in the movie. For more info, images, and trailers from Cars 2 just head over to the Blend Film Database
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